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Top 10 Stinger Transitions for Streaming

to maximize your engagement

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    Live Streaming is a dynamic process; you’re always switching between different scenes of your transmission, reading the chat, and keeping track of where you are, what to say, and where you need to go next.


    Stinger transitions help streamers to avoid his/her viewers feeling like the current moment just abruptly ended.


    Better if each stage of your transmission flows into the next one with a professional animation do it for this purpose.

    TROX Xblue - Stream transitions

    What is a Stinger Transition?

    A stinger transition ( a.k.a. twitch transition ) is a short animation clip that plays at the end of one scene and the beginning of the next, helping viewers to flow from one scene to the next and making your stream look more polished.


    There are a lot of different types of stinger transitions for Twitch. Most streamers might use a particular design because they like the way it looks.


    Use one design that suits your streaming type and the message you want to convey in your stream.


    For example, if you play action or futuristic video games, you can opt for more loaded designs with metallic finishes and visual effects.


    On the contrary, if you are focused on “Just Chatting” at Twitch, a simpler and more minimalist design to switch between your scenes will be more flattering for your streaming.

    Use Stinger to give each scene a more professional look and feel during your live streaming.

    CREX Red - Animated Twitch Transition Scenes

    Best 10 stinger transitions

    With so many different stingers available on the internet, we will help you to find just the ones that will work best for your streaming.

    Here are our favorite Stingers for all size and types of streamers to use and boost your live streaming on streaming platforms like Twitch, Youtube, or Facebook.



    • Each stream transition has more color options to choose from.
    • They are fully compatible with OBS Studio, Streamlabs, and editing software.

    Tired of dull transition animations? Make them jump out of their seats!

    Find this Explosion & Fire Stinger Transition for OBS and Streamlabs here.

    Play Video about Stinger Transition Door Red

    This tech-mech Stinger door animation is a favorite for many.

    Give a try this Door Red Stinger here

    A Simple, modern, and Versatile transition for all your Twitch scenes.

    More details are in the link > Flox V2 Stinger Transition here.

    An exciting animation that brings sand, smoke, and dust to your stream.

    Find the smoke stinger transition here

    Play Video about Stinger Transitions OBTU Blue

    A sleek and modern 3d animation with lights and metallic textures that will add instant appeal to your channel.

    Get here OBTU Blue stinger transition for streamlabs obs

    Play Video about stream transition

    Trox Xred is the perfect Twitch transition for streamers who have varied content.

    Find this stinger transition for OBS

    A creepy stinger ideal for your spooky content or Halloween.

    Don’t miss this horror stinger for Twitch >>

    Want to go one step further? A 3D stinger transition with your logo or stream name integrated into the animation.

    This custom stinger transition is here.

    A supercharged gaming animation for your between scenes!

    Find it here.

    A one-second ultra fast stinger animation.

    Frac Green, see more.

    Custom Stingers for your Twitch Stream

    These OBS Stingers were made to integrate your logo or stream name (or even a short phrase) into the animation. Choose your color, send us your detail, and we will make it happen for you in a breath.

    Custom Stinger Transitions from MoveGraph

    You will get a top-branded animation for your Twitch channel
    without expending a fortune.

    Track Matte Stinger Transitions

    In OBS, you also have the option to use Track Matte Stinger.


    These types of transitions do not have any animated visual element that does the transition but rather directly apply an instant animation to your live streaming, which itself transitions to your next scene.


    If you want to know in more detail, you can see the Track Matte Stinger Transitions in OBS wiki.

    How do I put sound to a stream transition?

    Although OBS and Streamlabs don’t give you the option to play a separate audio file with your stream transition, we still have you covered!


    Every of our Twitch stingers includes perfectly synchronized audio, providing you with 1 or 2 volume level files as well as a mute version.

    How long should a Stinger be?

    On average most of the stream transitions you can find are 2 seconds long, like FLOX RED, for example.


    But in MoveGraph, we also have ultra-fast transitions of 1-second length, take a look at the demo of NINUS Purple to see how they look and feel and if they are what you want for your streaming.


    Other options are extensive and more animated, reaching 3 or 4 seconds of duration, like DOOR RED.


    Keeping that in mind, now you can choose the length it feels better for your type of streaming and the message you want to convey.

    TIP: The "Transition Point" in your settings will vary depending on the duration and animation length. Adjusted it correctly! So the transition between one scene and the next one is smooth and right done.

    How do I add Stinger Transitions in OBS?

    To add a seamless transition between two scenes, follow these simple steps:

    1. Open OBS and select the source you want to transition to.
    2. Click on the + symbol at the “Scene Transitions” area, and select “Stinger”.
    3. In the new window that will pop-up you will upload and set up the transition.
    4. Now, click on the button “Browse” and select the stinger .webm from the location on your computer.
    5. After, select “Time” for the transition type.
    6. For the “Transition Point” enter the setting we have to provide you. (it is a PNG image inside the folder of your purchased stinger ). Usually, the TP is the middle of the transition duration in milliseconds.  
    7. To enable the audio, change the sounds to “Monitoring and Output.”
    8. Then, for the Audio Fade Style, select the “Hide to transition point and then fade in” option.
    9. Click OK. Now your Stinger is ready!

    If you are not feeling reading or want a more detailed explanation, here is the video tutorial version.

    How to add stingers to OBS Studio
    How to add stingers to Streamlabs

    Why our stream transitions are best

    • We are professional artists producing top-quality designs.
    • Our Transitions include sound effects made to fit the animation.
    • We also include a mute version.
    • You will not get messed with the settings. We provide you with the right one.
    • Every stinger transition can also be used for video editions for Youtube channels.
    • Optimized files for OBS Studio, Streamlabs, and XSplit.
    • Dedicated video tutorials and a support team.

    We have a growing library of different Stinger animations. As we add more, you’ll have access to a larger variety of stingers that match the theme or mood of your Twitch stream.


    All of the stinger transitions that we’ve listed are quality pieces, and they’d look great in any stream channel size, no matter your experience level.


    It’s up to you to choose the stinger that best fits the theme or mood of your Twitch stream content. Once you’ve got the stinger transition that you want to use, simply download it and then add it to OBS or Streamlabs.

    Picture of Andrea - MoveGraph team
    Andrea - MoveGraph team
    Writer, Streamer & Producer. 12 years of experience in post-production and animation around the world. I love pizza and dogs. Find me at @_MoveGraph

    Some MoveGraph Stinger Transitions

    Flox Yellow
    Rated 4.73 out of 5
    door blue stinger
    Door Blue Stinger
    Rated 4.81 out of 5
    stinger transition for OBS
    Fara Carbono Red
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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