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We have created this collection of free Twitch overlays to help you visually grow your live-streaming channel.  

Check the description inside each item for full information. Some other free Twitch overlays will be added in rotation from time to time.


Create with us a thrilling experience to experience for your viewers.

For your favorite streaming tool

Free Overlays with the best features

What we optimize and include on each overlay on you.

Some FAQ about stingers Transitions

A Stinger transition is an animated full-screen graphic that helps you make a visually smooth transition between two scenes during your live stream. Best stream transitions also include sound effects for a complete transition experience.


Transitions originally came from TV broadcasting, widely used in live and pre-recorded broadcasts. In the case of Twitch streamers, you can buy and set up scene transitions in OBS and Streamlabs software.

Unfortunately, OBS and Streamlabs do not allow playback of a separate audio file with your stinger transition. Still, we have you covered!


Each of our stream transitions includes perfectly timed audio. We also provide 1 or 2 volume audio level files and a muted version.

True is that until now, stream transitions have been one of the most underrated graphics for streaming.

Stingers are straightforward to set up and are one of the stream graphics that viewers will appreciate most. So don't get hooked by the false feeling that they are challenging to use.


Instead, give a level up to your Live-streaming channel.

Quite a common and easy fix issue.


Just fix the "Transition Point" time in OBS or Streamlabs. Use the one we tell you in the settings image file inside your purchase.

We have a couple of pieces of advice here for your stinger transition.


First, check you are using the provided WebM file in your setup, not the MOV.


Second, try to have the most up-to-date version of your stream software.

Best Stinger transitions are in HD 1920x1080pixels. The ideal format file to use in Livestreaming is WebM.

We optimized our files as much as possible for low CPU consumption and a smooth playback; without compromising our visual quality.


We have included a MOV format in every stream transition pack for content creators on YouTube. This way, you can use the same Twitch transition in your edits.

Do you wanna learn more and everything about picking a great stream transition for your channel? Take a look at our Best Stinger Transitions for Live Streaming entry.

Any questions about those free overlays? Click the green chat button below, and we help you!

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