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We make these stinger transitions to skyrocket 🚀 the appearance of your channel, no matter your streaming experience.

They are fully compatible with OBS – Streamlabs – Xsplit. Included sound effects and done entirely made by us.


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custom stinger transitions

A flawless transition with your Logo or Stream Name integrated into the animation.  Get it in just 24 hours and 3 simple steps! ⚡️

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Some faq about stingers

What is a Stinger Transition?

A Stinger is an animated full-screen graphic that helps you to make a visually smooth transition between two different scenes during your Livestream. Generally, and best streaming transitions are with an included sound effects for a complete transition experience.

If you are starting or want to try something Modern and Sleek; take a look in Trox Xred, one of our most like stinger.


Transitions originally came from TV channel broadcasting where is widely used in both live and pre-recorded broadcasts. In the case of Twitch streamers, you can buy and set up scene transitions in OBS and Streamlabs software.

Why Should You Add Stinger Transitions to Your Stream?

True is that until now stream transitions were one of the most underrated graphics for streaming and one of the last that streamers take care about, probably caused by the false feeling that they are difficult to use, but also true is that are very easy to setup and indeed is one of the graphics overlays that viewers will appreciate most and that will give a step up to your Livestreaming channel.

What is the right size and format for streaming transitions?

Best Stinger transitions are in HD 1920x1080pixels and the ideal format file to use in Livestreaming is WebM which we optimized as much as possible for low-consumption and a smooth playback but without compromise our quality.


In every stream transition pack, we have included a MOV format to be used in editing software in case you are also a content creator for platforms like YouTube and want to use the same Twitch transition in your edits.

My streaming transition is laggy, how to avoid that?

We have a couple of pieces of advice here for your stinger transition, first be sure you are using the provided transition WebM file and not the MOV. Second try to have the most up-to-date version of your stream software.

How to change volume or add sound to OBS Transitions?

The poor news here is that OBS and Streamlabs do not allow to playback of a separate audio file with your stinger transition, BUT, we have you covered, each of our streaming transitions includes perfectly timed audio, and we provide 1 or 2 volume audio level files and a mute version.

How to install stream transitions?

Easy peasy!
On and for each of our Stingers we always provide the correct and tested settings to use in your streaming software to make a perfect playback for that scene transition.

If you want to know how to make the perfect installation of your new obs transition, follow the next video tutorial we have made about, or you can see the Streamlabs transitions version here.

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The Twitch Stinger Transition is Cutting Off Before Animation Is Finished

This is a quite common and easy fix issue, you just need to adjust the “Transition Point” time in OBS or Streamlabs, by the one indicated in the settings image file inside your purchase.