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Hey there! 👋

You’ve just landed on the best site for streamers. We built it for you with a lot of Passion. Super excited to have you here!


You’ve come to the right place if you’re an eager streamer. Looking to dominate the live-streaming world.


Here you will find stream graphics that look fantastic and work awesome.

At MoveGraph, we trust in delivering not simple overlays but high-quality visual products to help you grow.

🚀 Our Journey

Let me take you back a bit. About five years ago, my marvelous life partner Lio and I – dreamt of something big.

We wanted to take our +15 years in animation graphics and TV brand development. Working with top-notch broadcasting and TV productions.

And serve you the most professional visual stream assets.
Without matter if you are a small or big streamer.

By producing the best overlays and delivering the great stuff we can.

Affordable for everyone, not only for a few.

We believe in turning wild dreams into reality, so MoveGraph was born. Trust me; we got obsessed with building the perfect experience for streamers.

who is MoveGraph team

Meet This Terrific Team 👥

MoveGraph Founder Andrea - CEO

Andrea M. - Co-founder

As leader and content manager, I’m behind the awesome content you see. It is me the one who is usually in touch with you.

Find me in each newsletter and the blog entries I create for you!

I am here @HiAndreaM

MoveGraph Founder Lio - Designer Chief

Lio S. - Co-founder

Lio, a superb talented dude. Highly experienced and passionate about motion design. He brings all the amazing overlay designs and animations to life.

Find Lio over here

Yes, just like you, we are a small team!

But passionate, committed, and detail-care guys.

All you can see and cannot see; has been entirely built with these two pair of hands.

If we can do it, you can do it too!

"We believe in giving value

not in marketing you"

We've Got Your Back 💪

At MoveGraph, we’re your biggest fans.

We always cheer you on, we don’t only create products and beg for your money.

We’re here to give you tools that’ll spice up your streams, help you grow, and make your dreams come true.

You deserve the best, and we are dedicated to delivering just that.

Stream Designs With Passion ❤️

You get more than designs. We give the best overlay you can find — resources that work like a charm and, most important, prices that won’t hurt your pocket.


Our stream designs are as easy to buy as ordering pizza.

And like the pizza, they make your live streaming happier and ready to stand out.


Made for the most popular platforms – Twitch, Trovo, Kick, or YouTube Gaming.

Plus, they’re easy peasy to use, even for beginners.

about movegraph stream overlays

Behind The Scenes 🎬

Every graphic you see at MoveGraph is entirely created by us

How do we do it? Definitely, those overlays don’t just magically appear in our folders or email, y’know. 😅


It’s a whole saga of creativity and elbow grease. So, let me give you the grand tour behind the curtain at MoveGraph.


Everything here starts from scratch. We’re talking 100% homegrown. Lio and I pour everything into each design idea – right from the tiniest sketch to a full-blown animated overlay.

Handcrafted stuff, top to bottom. And trust me; we don’t settle for “just okay.”


We kick things off with a basic sketch – just a hint of the awesomeness that’s about to come. Then we fuel that idea with vibrant colors, kickass animations, and visuals that pack a punch. This ain’t a rush job. Every design marinates until it’s juuuust right.


Our process? Let’s call it “meticulous”. We do a ton of iterations for a single design before we strike gold.

And there have been designs we’ve axed because they didn’t hit our bar of awesomeness.


Why? ‘Cause at MoveGraph, we only roll with the best. 

But the fun doesn’t stop at design.


We take our overlays for a spin to make sure they’re working right and compatible as heck. Whether you’re rockin’ OBS, Streamlabs, or XSplit, our designs blend in perfectly.

And to top it off, some of them included detailed setup to help you with a smooth installation.


Oh, and remember when I said we’re a small team? That’s on purpose, my friend. Keeps us on our A-game.


We’re not about churning out subpar graphics en masse. We’re all about delivering premium, high-quality stuff that makes you, the streamer, look like a superstar.

In short, our design process is our badge of honor. It reflects our fire, our dedication, and our promise to you.


And I’m betting my bottom dollar; this laser-focus on quality sets MoveGraph apart.

So, believe me when I say we’ve got your back with the best stream overlays in town!

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