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I see you’ve got your streaming game on point! 🎮 Ever thought about making some extra money while doing what you love?


Check out our new partners’ affiliation program!

We’re offering you an opportunity to earn up to a 30% sales commission just by sharing and promoting our top-tier overlay with your followers and friends.


We’re about to make our bond even stronger with our newly launched partners program! 🚀

It’s an easy & risk-free way to build a passive income that helps you grow as a streamer or content creator. And it only takes one minute to join in.


Our overlays are designed to elevate the gaming experience for everyone, and we bet your crowd will love them.


Imagine making every stream more immersive and fun for your audience and earning some cash on the side?

Pretty cool, right? 😎 And the best part? It’s super easy to get started.

How does it work

Sign Up

We review your application and give you access within a few hours.


Use your partner link or QR code on your page, social media, or information box. Tell everyone what you like most about MoveGraph


Get real-time reporting on your earnings. Spend your balance on new MoveGraph items or payout your balance to your PayPal account.

Start today!

* Already have a MoveGraph account? Apply here! *

Register New Affiliate Account:

Yes, I want to become MoveGraph Partner

Note:  Once we approve your partner status, you will receive an email with all the information and details. 

Be aware of both your Spam folder and another categorized tab, like Promotions in Gmail. 😅

With your application, you will be fitted into one of the next three programs.

Affiliate +10

  • 10% commissions.
  • Give a 20% discount with your partner link to your referrals.

No matter your size as a streamer or creator, you can apply.

Affiliate +20

  • 20% commission.
  • Give a 20% discount with your partner link to your referrals.

Selection criteria:

  • The size of your audience.
  • Reach revenue goal from Tier 1.
  • YouTubers with channels focused on education for streamers.

Affiliate +30

  • 30% commission.
  • Give a 20% discount with your partner link to your referrals.

How to become:

  • Top dedicated content creators.
  • YouTubers with channels focused on education for streamers.


  • Reach revenue goal from Tier 2.

Let's create and grow together!

Take your streaming passion from just a weekend hobby to a full-time career or rewarding side hustle.
From gamers to IRL, Esports teams to creative people, streaming has changed the way we create, collaborate, and communicate.


Are you looking to make an impact in the vibrant world of streaming? Then you’re at the right place.

We look out for streamers, brands, communities, and projects with genuine interest and the desire to go beyond and build big things.

Finished your application?

Here’s what’s next…

While Partners and sponsorships aren’t guaranteed, we love every single idea we receive, and we take the time to read and consider each of them.

Acceptance is based not only on numbers but also on qualitative factors and what makes them stand out.

Once you write us, please allow the team some time to carefully review your proposal. 

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