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Take your streaming passion from just a weekend hobby to a full-time career or rewarding side hustle.
From gamers to IRL, Esports teams to creative people, streaming has changed the way we create, collaborate, and communicate.


Are you looking to make an impact in the vibrant world of streaming? Then you’re at the right place.

We look out for streamers, brands, communities, and projects with genuine interest and the desire to go beyond and build big things.

Join us. Let's create and grow together!

Collaborating on striking projects with Youtubers, Brands, and communities is one of the things we love the most.

We stake for support and convert powerful ideas into real game-changing businesses.


Perfect for:

  • YouTubers with dedicated channels on helping upcoming streamers with tutorials on streaming software, tech reviews, and career tips.
  • Streaming communities that support streamers in growing, developing a brand, staying motivated, and solving critical challenges.
  • Brands focused on live-streaming.
  • Blogs, Streaming Apps, and Platforms looking to bring their solutions into the streaming community.

Big or small. Do you have a great idea for collaboration? We’re all ears!

Finished your application?

Here’s what’s next…

While Partners and sponsorships aren’t guaranteed, we love every single idea we receive, and we take the time to read and consider each of them.

Acceptance is based not only on numbers but also on qualitative factors and what makes them stand out.

Once you write us, please allow the team some time to carefully review your proposal.