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Top-Notch Animated Twitch Overlays

Stinger, webcam frames, animated stream overlays, Twitch panels, and more graphics!

Affordable, High Quality and Unique graphics for small streamers to look like your favorite Pro streamers.

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Twitch overlays for professional streamers

stream graphics made for your favorite software!

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time to Upgrade!

High Quality and Unique stream graphics to step up your visual value

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Unleash your full potential and look like a pro!

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Animated Overlays for Twitch

Your live stream passion

with top Animated Overlays for Twitch

Livestreaming can be a challenge at first, but we will hold your hand and jump-start the thriving of your channel.


We are here to help you turn your channel into something real and build your streaming career. With astonishing animated overlays for Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming that fit your unique personality and streaming needs.


We want you to have a mind-blowing channel and look like your favorite pro streamer without expending a few zeros of money on top professional graphics.


Create that theme overlay template you have been dreaming of for your Twitch channel. We have designed easy and quick-to-use animated overlays with unlimited possibilities.


Explore our shop to find premium overlay packages.

Stream overlays and animated graphics to improve!

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Animated Twitch Overlays for your favourite stream software

We know that there are lots of graphics out there, but not all of them work with your tools – so we make sure ours do!


At MoveGraph, we deliver graphics that are fully compatible with OBS Studio, StreamElements, Streamlabs, and Xsplit, which means you’ll be able to use any tools you like to live stream. And they don’t just work on Twitch but also with YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and Trovo.


Our stream overlay packs are in tune with all your favorite platforms and streaming software.


templates inspiration

Overpower overlay scenes that you can design using our animated packages.

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The best free overlays

Freebie stream animations & resources.

If you’re new to streaming and want to start out with some free resources. Or you are an experimented streamer looking for something new or spicy to try. Check out these.

stream hacks

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Learn to use animated stream overlays

Get tips & tricks! The easiest and smartest way to use overlays without issues.

Find complete video tutorials for OBS Studio, Streamlabs, and StreamElements. Basis steps, setup instructions, and advance tips in these free tutorials we have made for you.

The goal is to make it easy for you to use our animated overlays on twitch. Twitch and other stream platforms as well.

Any issues using animated overlays?

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If you still have questions, we have a fantastic support team waiting to help you.

Just hit the green button at the right corner, and we will come to your help.

We believe in your passion and want to provide you with high-quality Twitch overlay designs and animated stream graphic resources to give you the ability to transform and develop your stream career without spending too much time and money!


We focus on stream designs that set you apart and instantly boost your brand and confidence while leveling up the experience for your viewers and fellows.


More than 18.000 streamers across Twitch, YouTube, and other major stream platforms have trusted our animated overlay designs.


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Rien a redire ! Un service de qualité !

8 months ago
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This is absolutely amazing! The communication throughout the entire process of getting my logo put into the design was so easy. The whole process was extremely smooth. I cannot recommend this enough! You won’t be disappointed.

9 months ago
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Delivered as expected!

10 months ago
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Delivered as expected.

10 months ago
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Delivered as expected and was very pleased with results.

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