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The Ultimate Guide About Twitch Overlays

The Basics and Why you need one in your stream

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      When you first start streaming, it’s easy just to put the camera ON and press the “Start Streaming” button, thinking, “that’s all.” But what about these stream overlays you see a lot in other transmissions?


      While that is true, there are some intricate details involved in the process that first-time streamers might not know about—like the importance of a great-looking stream, because how your viewers see your feed and gaming area; can make or break your success as a streamer.

      Twitch is the world's leading video game streaming platform. With more than 100 million monthly active users, you have a vast exposure window and opportunity to build a loyal audience, but it also means you need to shine and give the best to stand out.

      In this blog post, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about Twitch overlays.


      If you’re just getting started or are looking for ways to upgrade your live stream setup, this article is an excellent resource.


      Let’s jump right in!

      Some MoveGraph Stream Overlay packs

      Twitch overlay Pack
      Carbono – Red Overlay Template
      Rated 4.76 out of 5
      twitch overlay blue
      Carbono Blue Pack
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      animated twitch overlay purple
      Niox Purple Pack
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      PLIC X1 Pack
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      What exactly is a Twitch Overlay?

      A Twitch overlay is a transparent graphic that sits on top of your live streaming to add visual interest, generate engagement, serve essential information, or aid recognition and building of your brand.


      Stream overlays are the graphical interface you see when you watch most top streamers. It’s what frames and defines the streamer’s content and helps connects the viewers to the stream.


      They’re one of the essential elements of any live streaming and can make the difference between having a few viewers and having a full chat room.


      And as soon as you start getting your first viewers,  – you want to give them the best experience possible when watching your broadcasts to keep them returning again and again.-  


      A great way to do so is by incorporating an excellent package of overlay graphics into your stream.

      Plic X2 - Animated Stream Overlay pack

      What are the benefits of using Stream Overlays?

      A properly well-designed overlay can make your stream look professional, improve brand recognition, and encourage your viewers to engage more with the stream.

      The Twitch overlays are expected to be a part of every stream. They set the tone for the stream, give viewers an idea about you as a streamer, and are also functional as a navigational tool.


      For Twitch, we have a wide selection of paid and free stream overlays; these allow you to customize your stream to the fullest and create scenes that suit your needs.

      Some Twitch Overlay packs from MoveGraph

      Different types of Twitch Overlays

      Branding Overlays – These overlays create a visual representation of your stream and help you enhance your brand. They can include things like your channel name or brand logo; Astra Stream Intro or Glix Custom Stinger Transition are great examples of this type of overlay.

      Example of a Branding Overlay - Astra Blue - Custom Stream Intro

      Informational Overlay – Information stream overlays like the animated Carbono Red package display information that might be helpful to the stream, like the current viewer count, the streamer’s name, or the current goals. That included the twitch panels in your profile.

      Example of a Informational Overlays - Carbono Red Stream Overlay

      They work as a navigational tool within the stream, containing all of the current stream’s relevant information.

      Interaction Overlay – Interaction overlays encourage user engagement with the stream, like reactive animations by ‘subscribing’ to the channel, Twitch alerts, notifications, or a chat box frame that can be used throughout the stream.

      BOAA Scary alert animations

      Boaa - twitch jumpscare alerts
      BOAA – Twitch Jumpscare Alerts
      Rated 4.89 out of 5

      The basics of choosing your stream overlay

      Overlays are such a fundamental part of any stream, and many people don’t realize how much of an impact they can have on the overall viewing experience. Before purchasing any premade overlay templates, you should consider a few things first.


      The most important thing to keep in mind is that your Twitch overlay must be visually appealing and stand out from the rest. You don’t want your viewers to get bored and decide to explore other streams. That being said, your overlay should be visually appealing. 


      When buying your first overlay, make sure of these things. The first is the stream design and style. Make sure it matches the overall look and feel of your channel.

      Your overlay should support your brand and help viewers identify you and your content at a glance.

      Another thing to consider is the functionality of the overlay. Make sure it has everything you want: the webcam frames you need, spaces for key detail you want to show up, a call to action area, your social media links, etc. But make sure it’s not too cluttered, or your viewers will get confused and disoriented.

      How to find the perfect overlay for your stream

      For starters, you could check out our available animated Streaming overlays.


      At MoveGraph, we have a wide variety of premade overlays that you can purchase and some free Twitch overlays you can use to try.


      We focus on creating versatile and modular overlay designs that you can mix and match to build a theme that suits your needs and brand.


      Here are some of the overlays we recommended for starters streamers

      Our pick animated Twitch overlay packages for new streamers

      These stream packages include everything you would need at the beginning, and they have top-tier quality.


      If you purchase a premade overlay pack, read the description carefully and ensure it’s a good fit for your channel.


      Also, remember that you can always change your overlay at any time, making it easier to experiment and try out different styles. You don’t have to pick out the perfect overlay the first time around.

      Let's Define Some Twitch Overlay Terms

      – Aspect Ratio –

      This refers to the proportional size of your webcam. Most Twitch streamers use a 16:9 aspect ratio, but some choose to use a different ratio (like a 4:3 ratio or 1:1) or even just a “holder” if you use a green screen.

      – Lower Thirds –

      A.K.A. Overlay panels. These can be independent assets of animated stream overlays or still and fixed graphics. These are where you display critical information from your current live streaming. Many Twitch streamers place their overlay graphic in the lower third of the screen (between the bottom of the screen and the middle), but you can put it wherever you want as long as it’s visible.

      – Streaming Software –

      This refers to the software you use to set up your whole Twitch stream. From there, you will manage all your physical stream devices like your webcam and microphone, your overlays / stream graphics, and every interaction with your viewers. The most popular broadcast software like OBS Studio, Streamlabs, and streamelements are free.

      Tips: Use your stream graphics effectively

      1. – Plan out your overlay: Twitch overlay packages are an excellent way to add some flair to your stream, but you don’t want them to take away from the content. Take some time to plan out what you want in your overlay, and make sure it supports your channel while engaging your viewers.

      2. – Keep it eye-catching: Your overlay should be attention-grabbing, but it shouldn’t be too distracting. Make sure it supports your channel and is easy to navigate. Your viewers should be able to focus on your content as soon as they load up your stream.

      3. – Make it easy to update: You may want to change your overlay from time to time or add a new one for special events or seasons. Make sure it’s easy to update so you don’t have to scrap an entire overlay into your broadcast software just because you want to make a minor change.

      Some Free Downloads for Twitch channels

      Overlays from MoveGraph


      When it comes to your Twitch channel, keeping a good stream overlay setup is vital. They are the graphical interface that frames your stream and connects viewers to your content.


      An adequately designed overlay can make your stream look professional, improve brand recognition, and encourage viewers to engage more with the stream.


      Make sure you consider the design and functionality of the overlay to make it a good fit for your channel.


      When setting up the overlay in your stream scene, keep these things in mind to ensure your overlay is engaging and effective.

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