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Top 5 Halloween Twitch Overlays for Streamers:

Best Creative Ways to Spookify your stream channel 👻

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      October!! The spookiest month of the year!


      Halloween is just around the corner, and streamers everywhere are now getting ready for their own creepy streams. Stocking with scary video games, frightening giveaways, and terrifying stream overlays.


      Don’t stay behind, and prepare yourself with the most terrifying Twitch Halloween overlays. 😱


      There are plenty of Halloween overlays on the market right now. But not all of them are good enough to make your viewers scream in fear. Some of them even look tacky and cheap.


      If you’re strapped for time, we have prepared this article just for you!


      In this entry, I will give you my Top 5 favorite Halloween animated overlays for creating a true horror vibe on your Twitch channel.


      Just by adding some spooky elements and graphics to your stream.


      Create with these the perfect creepy ambiance for your viewers. With nerve-racking and terror moments but very funny situations too.

      My top 5 picks of the Halloween stream overlays we have created for you. 

      Quality screams are guaranteed! 😱

      (Find more about each scary overlay by clicking on each header title.)

      BOAA is a classic among the scary Twitch alerts. The streamers say that their viewers love them.


      They are very useful if you use them so that your viewers scare you every time they subscribe or make donations.


      It is a way to create some little game that encourages your audience to be part of your streaming.


      Frightening alert sounds are included!


      These have definitely generated thousands of funny moments.

      Boaa customer reviews

      Want to go one step further? Try the New ARGH! ⬇

      Play Video about Funny Twitch Alerts

      (take a look at the included sound) 😅

      These shocking but funny stream alerts have only one mission.


      Leave your viewers scared to death and wanting to come back for more every time one of these animations unexpectedly comes into action.


      It features three of the most feared characters. Each one will scare you in a different way.


      ARGH! animated alerts were born from the success of BOAA, going more extreme, to be even scarier.


      We designed ARGH! keeping in mind that you could create endless fun moments with your audience and friends.

      For the bravest, a chilling 3D animated intro where your logo, name, or phrase is integrated into the screens of this mysterious and empty room.


      Are you sure you’re alone?


      Find REC Intro here

      Shelter is an animated zombie overlay to make your webcam look like something out of the apocalypse. Perfect for any zombie-themed or Halloween stream. 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️

      Play Video about Halloween stinger

      3D-like skull stinger animation is sure to petrify your viewers and leave them in suspense. So if you’re looking to add a little bit of horror to your Halloween live stream, then this is the perfect transition for you!


      Super easy to use and with sound include!

      halloween twitch overlay

      EXTRA - Free Halloween Twitch Emotes

      Until October 31, for every purchase over $10 at MoveGraph, we give you away this set of creepy emotes for Twitch.

      Still looking for more animated Halloween graphics?


      If still searching, you can explore what Halloween overlays Streamlabs have here or some other in case you Streamelements are here.


      We also know Nerd or Die has a couple of designs Halloween themed you can look for too.

      Be ready with these Halloween overlays

      So there you have it! 🎃🕷️🕸️


      These very affordable Halloween overlays will make your YouTube or Twitch stream more entertaining and fun.


      What’s more, they will increase your viewers and attract more people to your channel.


      If you have any feedback or suggestions, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you!

      Picture of Andrea - MoveGraph team
      Andrea - MoveGraph team
      Writer, Streamer & Producer. 12 years of experience in post-production and animation around the world. I love pizza and dogs. Find me at @_MoveGraph
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