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    Welcome, Streamers, to today’s blog post.


    Inhere, I will talk and share essential key points to growing any stream channel. Based on our experiences.


    When it comes to streaming on Twitch, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. What works for one streamer may not work for another.


    Still, there are some crucial general tips that every streamer should care about. These will help you grow your audience and become a successful Twitch broadcaster.


    So, here are 10 proven tips that will help get your Twitch channel moving forward:

    1. Start Strong

    When people come to your streaming channel, ensure they find something engaging and exciting right away. Have upbeat music for them, or do an intro video to ensure viewers keep coming back for more content! 


    Suppose you don’t know where to find copyright-free music. I leave you three of the most famous music platform services to use in your live streaming. Use these to avoid any DMCA issues with Twitch.

    2. Show Your Passions

    You don’t have to limit yourself to just one game or streaming type. Instead, show off what drives you every day. Explore different genres and styles on Twitch so fans can see who you are as a person and streamer!

    3. Engage With Viewers

    This is going to be the most crucial factor. Interact with viewers whenever possible!


    Answer their questions; show interest in meeting them. Make them feel listened to, and let viewers feel like they’re part of the fun!


    Build an interaction with them during your streams through comments and questions. Create a more personal connection between you and your viewers. The result is more loyalty from fans.


    Go beyond chat interaction and add voice communication tools like Discord!

    Don’t let your Twitch streams be a one-way relationship.
    Engage with viewers and make them feel like part of the fun!

    4. Build Your Stream Branding

    Whether it’s a pre-made overlay theme, custom graphics, a logo, or a combination of these, make sure people recognize your brand.


    Identify you fast, no matter where they land within your live streaming.

    Using a consistent theme, audio elements, and visual resources. It gives fans something familiar each time they tune into watching you.

    In the long run, this creates loyalty & boosts traction quickly, helping you to grow!!

    5. Attach to Good Broadcasting Practices

    Create an enjoyable viewing experience for your viewers. No one wants a blurry, dark video transmission and a voice that sounds muffled and distant!

    • Work on the visual clarity, and pick up an inexpensive but good-quality camera.
    • Avoid having a dark picture quality using a basic lighting system, so your face is clean and clear on the camera.
    • Invests in a decent microphone and do some tests to set it up in the right place for you.

    Consistently check for mic pops & dead space during your streams or video recordings (using headphones helps!).

    6. Have a regular streaming schedule

    The best advice for building a regular streaming schedule is to be consistent.


    Consistency is key to building an audience and establishing a dedicated fan base. It means setting a schedule that works for you and your target audience and sticking to it as much as possible.


    Promote your schedule in advance. So your viewers know when to tune in and be flexible with yourself when life happens.


    Because yes! Sometimes things happen. But make a compromise with yourself and keep those “sometimes” as low as possible!

    7. Stay Updated On Changes And Upcoming Releases In Games

    Take advantage of upcoming releases, new content, and features. Keep them updated on the games you play that your audience loves the most.

    Being informed and up-to-date on these will help you stay ahead of the curve. Giving you a chance to create content your viewers can be looking for.

    Announce in advance in your social profiles. Then, once you are LIVE, make sure everyone watching your streaming finds it extra special by getting access to early news and information!!

    8. Establish Affiliations With Brands You Like

    Most brands in your industry want a solid, cohesive, already established follow base that they can rely on.

    Do you have some brands you would love to build a partnership or affiliation with? Take the step and touch their door.

    Use the above email draft we have created for you. It works as a great starting point to add your words, details, and personality. Then send it to those brands you would love to cooperate with!!! 

    9. Keep Learning and practicing to Grow

    The streaming landscape is constantly changing; continuous learning and practice are essential. Because they help you to:

    • Stay current with the latest developments in the industry
    • Improve your skills
    • Learn from others
    • Experiment with new things
    • Identify your audience preferences
    • It will make you stay competitive and give your audience a better experience

    Also, it will help you find your unique style to differentiate yourself from other streamers.

    The more you practice going live, the more you master it and improve!

    10. Don't Get Discouraged Easily

    Growing your Twitch channel takes time and dedication. So it’s essential not to get discouraged easily.

    Feeling discouraged is normal when your channel isn’t growing as quickly as you would like. But you must stay positive and keep pushing forward.


    It’s also important to remember that everyone starts somewhere. You may not have thousands of viewers right away. But with dedication, hard work, and learning, you will eventually get there.


    Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are many successful streamers out there willing to provide guidance and advice.


    Growing your Twitch channel is no easy task, but by taking care of the right things, you can do it!


    Work and follow these 10 tips, and you will increase your viewership, fans, and income.

    By practicing and continuous learning, you can take your Twitch channel from 0 to hero.


    So get out there and start streaming!

    Picture of Andrea - MoveGraph team
    Andrea - MoveGraph team
    Writer, Streamer & Producer. 12 years of experience in post-production and animation around the world. I love pizza and dogs. Find me at @_MoveGraph
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    Subscribe to learn and get more resources for your streaming
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