There’s no more place for haters, and trolls in your stream.

Don’t waste your stream and time just by arguing with a troll or prying hater, instead, just pop out one of these cool animated messages on your screen to shut them up.

With 5 different messages, you can call out those haters instantly and also give your audience something to laugh about. Turn your stream into one that’s positive, fun-filled and peaceful for you and your viewers.

From now you are not alone! You will be the one wishing for them to come with these cool Anti-hater pop-up messages.

  • Resizable and placed wherever you want them to appear on the screen.
  • Included slight sound effects and non-audio version.
  • The 5 texts are the ones showed at the demo images.
  • Vibrant bright colors with a Glitch effect.
  • Compatible with OBS, StreamLabs, and XSplit.

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File Type                                               .webm

Animated                                                   YES

Audio                                                          YES

Download Size                                       17MB


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