Twitch Panels for a perfect Channel face

For Your Streaming

Our Twitch panels template will allow you to show your personality and impress your viewers, followers, and fellow streamers.
Seamless in design and visually vibrant, each of our template panels adds a bold and creative touch to your channel, but above all, to stand out your profile from the crowd.
And the best! You will be able to customise your texts and create as many panels as you want, every time you need it!
Panels Twitch were designed following the Twitch guidelines of 320px wide.
Perfectly made to setup and boost your live streaming!

What are Twitch panels?

Twitch panels are a set of graphics that you add to your About section and helps you to share relevant information about who you are, what your channel is about, and even promote your own (or sponsored) products.

They will keep the information visually organized and give a branded and professional look to your Twitch channel.

Why should you add Twitch panels to your channel?

They are just as important as any other aspect of your stream overlays setup; or even more, because they are the direct reflection of who you are. It is like organizing and polishing home to receive your visits. It will also tell how serious you are on it to any future sponsor.


Seek a high-quality design panel and packs that allow you to create panels on your own needs. This is what our packs are focus on.

What’s the Recommended twitch panel size?

The recommended Twitch panel dimensions are 320 x 160 pixels, which means an aspect ratio size of 3:1; and the panel images’ formats should be JPG or PNG.

What Twitch panels should I Have?

Twitch panel ideas depends on what you are trying to achieve as streamer but an About Me panel is essential, you should also add a business contact email and your socials like Twitter, Facebook page, or YouTube channel.


A Rules panel is always nice because it shows what you look for in a chat and that you care about your community. And last but not less, the Schedule panel is important but try to stick to it as much as possible, otherwise will be more harm that helps.

How do your Twitch panel template works?

With every set of panel designs you get from us you will receive a ready set of 15 PNG predefined panels, which are the most relevant and commonly used. You can start customizing your Twitch profile with those right away after your download. But that is not all!


You will also receive a font file and an editable PSD file that will allow you to create any other panel you wish, at any time, a sponsor panel for example, or any other interesting feature you find in your streaming road.

I have not idea how to use Photoshop, it not that very difficult? I don't even have Photoshop.

Good news! The PDS file we have created to edit panels are made for inexperienced users and the steps are fully guided.


If you dont have Photoshop, you dont even need it, you can edit for FREE in the same way using Photopea here which is an online and free edition ultra similar to Photoshop.

If still any doubt, you can follow this video tutorial we have made to guide you  

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How to make a good twitch bio?

Take pen and paper ( or a digital block note 🙂 ) and plan your text first before start customizing your Twitch bio, don’t do it directly there never! take your time, redact all your info and check it again the next day with a fresh mind. It is also a good idea that before publishing it you make a review with an online proofreader.


While redacting keep in mind that short paragraphs are better, the idea is to have an organized profile and easily readable sections.