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Buying & Account

Do I need an account to use Move Graph?

While you can browse in the store without being logged into an account, you’ll need an account in order to make a purchase (even free graphics) following a easy checkout process. We don’t offer a guest checkout at this time.

How can I create an account?

Just visit our homepage and go right up to the top right and click on the padlock! You can create an account on the register tab with only one email and password. When you’re logged into your account, you can download our free goods or make a purchase.

Also you can create an account on the checkout process filling the password form.

How Do I Purchase A graphic?

Use the ‘Add to Cart’ button in the graphic page and then you can continue shopping or ‘View Cart’ to finalise your purchase. You can go to your cart at any time by clicking on the shopping cart icon at the top right side of the page.

At Checkout, we’ll ask you for some account information before completing your purchase:

•If you already have an Move Graph account, simply sign in to pre-fill your account information.

•If you don’t have an Move Graph account, just add an account password.

Select your preferred payment option and enter your payment details. Take a moment to review your order before finalising your purchase.

What are my payment options?

To purchase your graphics you can use:

  • Your Visa, Mastercard or American Express thought Paypal for a safety checkout.
  • Your Paypal account.

All of our transactions and information are 100% secured by a SSL Certificated.

How do I get a receipt or invoice?

When you purchase a graphic(s) after your order is successfully completed you will be sent a receipt by email. If you don’t see it, please check your spam and trash folders.

How do refunds work?

Please check our refund policy here

All refunds are at the sole discretion of Move Graph.

Graphics & Technical Support

How Do I Check the Graphic Compatibility?

You can check the graphic resolution, length, FPS and software version compatibility, as well as any other important attributes by viewing the “Description” table listing (below the “Add to Cart” button area)


Be sure the graphic is suitable for your project and is compatible with your software version.

If you need an extra detail write us to for specifications before purchasing.

File Types and Formats

The majority of graphics are -non editable- graphics. They are pre-renders files as ready and easy to use, just drag and drop over your composition’s project.

They also are on a file format which work well with the most edition and composition softwares.

You can find those specification in the “Description” table listing, it look like this:


When a graphic is a editable file, in the “Description” tab listing you will find software compatibility as well if plugins are needed.


We encourage you to check those specification before you purchase.

Downloading your graphics

Once you’ve purchased is complete, we recommend that you download them immediately as graphics may be removed from Move Graph from time to time.

To download your purchase:

  •  Clicking the graphic name in the “order details”  section at the Checkout page after your complete successful checkout.



  •  In your account “Downloads” tab you will find all your available downloads.


  •  On the receipt we send you by email. There by clicking the graphic name you download will start.

What about this Standard License?

Thanks for ask! every graphic you purchase in the store (even the free) is given to you under a Standard License with allow you to do some stuff and others don’t.

Please read the License Term and if you have any other question about this or need a extended license please write us to

What if I can't edit a graphic?

We recommend that you completely read the product description and the “Description” tab listing before you purchase. Pay particular attention to “File Type” to see  if the graphic is editable or is a pre-render graphic ready to use.

What if the purchased graphic is no longer available?

It could happens that certain graphics may be removed from the store and are therefore no longer available for download.

We recommend that you download and save an graphic as soon as you buy it, but if the graphic was removed before you had a chance to download it, refer to our Move Graph Refund Rules to check if you’re eligible for a refund.

What should I do?

We recommend that you;

•Download your files immediately after purchase.

•Store your original files in a safe place for future access.

•Store locally on your hard drive or backup files to a cloud storage service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

About Move Graph

What is Move graph?

Move Graph is a store of creative assets to be used by creative people. Is a platform with amazing designed graphics, all of them together in one place. We believe in about making great designs, easy to use, and accessible to everyone!

On Move Graph you can buy animated graphics goods to use in your personal or commercial projects. The graphics offered in the store are unique designs that are created by our amazing and passionate designers’s team.

If you need a motion graphic asset, you’re in the right place!

Looking for a specific kind of graphic?

Whether you’re looking for a specific design or a specific kind of graphic for you project.  We are all ears! Tell us on this email your suggestion for new graphics you would like to have available at the store.

How to Contact Us

Move Graph Support team aims to respond to all queries within 24 hours. For technical support (how to use) with a graphic you’ve purchased, please read How to use the graphics.

We can’t assist you with suggesting graphics.

We can assist you with enquiries about:

Your Move Graph Account

Damaged or Wrong Files

Payment options

Refund requests

Copyright procedures, policies and piracy

License types

Move Graph terms and conditions

For graphics and account support reach us to

For general inquires and information write us to

Please describe your issue with as much detail as you can so we can answer your questions as soon as possible.

Any unanswered questions? Contact Us


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