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2020-09-25 – Smoke and Skull Transitions.

– A couple of Stinger Transitions new designs added.

2020-09-21 – Halloween Items

– Find our Halloween items collection. Avaliable Now!

2020-09-18 – New FRAC transition added

– A new amazing transition design is now available in six colors.

2020-09-08 – Bundles inclusion

– Aker Overlay package and Cube transitions are available to be purchased within the Bundles Pack.

2020-09-07 – MoveGraph Reward points

– The coupon issue you received when exchanging your rewards points for discounts was fixed for every account!

2020-09-07 – New Overlay Design Halx

– A new animated overlay design package has been added to the store.

2020-08-20 – New Aker Overlay

– A new overlay design package has been added to the store.

2020-05-28 – New Alerts for Twitch – Facebook – YouTube

– Releasing the new design of Alerts; now with the option to buy also for Facebook and YouTube.

2020-05-08 – Holo and Flox V2 UPDATED

– Chat frame issue was fixed for Holo overlay packs and minor animation fix to Flox V2 transition.

2020-05-01 – EXA screens added

– New designs of starting, BRB, and ending screens are available.

2020-04-21 – TROX XRED UPDATED

– Mixing audio files were fixed.

2020-04-07 – Anty Alerts

– There’s no more place for haters, and trolls in your stream with these messages.

2020-02-21 – Holo Overlay Updated 

– The Holo Overlay Packs were renovated! Customer that purchased these pack can download now this Free Updated.

2019-10-18 – New Cube transition added

– A new transition design is available in six colors.

2020-01-22 – New Panels Category

– Now at MoveGraph we have Twitch Info Panels for your channel.

2020-01-15 – Xlim overlays add to Bundles

– Xlim overlay packs are now available to be purchase into the Bundles.

2019-12-05 – Obtu Iron Man version

– A new version of the Obtu transition inspired on Iron Man character and suggested by a customer has been added to the store.

2019-12-02 – Christmas Items

– Old and new Christmas overlay items are able to be purchased for the season.

2019-11-25 – Bundles inclusion

– Crex and Karce transitions are available to be purchased within the Bundles Pack.

2019-10-18 – Obtu transition added

– A new transtion design is available in six colors.

2019-10-10 – Seto Halloween Transition

– A new spooky stinger Halloween transition have been added to the store.

2019-10-09 – New Ticket System

– We have implemented a new ticket system for a better and faster support to your issues.

2019-09-24 – Xlim overlay packs added

– New modular overlay design added on six available colors.

2019-09-24 – Bundles inclusion

– Now the Blox transitions are available to be purchased within the Bundles Pack.

2019-09-12 – Ziga transition updated

– Now includes a shorter transition version.
– A minor sound bug was fixed.

2019-09-08 – All transitions updated

– Transitions files were updated with new setting data for StreamLabs OBS, after being reported not working correctly with last StreamLabs OBS updated 0.17.0

2019-08-21 – Karce transition added

– A new item is available in six colors.

2019-08-08 – Carbono Overlay Packs Updated

– The six colors of Carbono overlay pack were updated adding editable PSD files giving now the option to create your own text. Also, the design suffers some minor upgraded, mostly the profile panels.

2019-07-04 – Trace webcam frames added

– A new version of the original Trace frame is added, now available in 6 colors.

2019-06-11 – Stream Card reward points

– From now you can collect loyalty point with your purchases at MoveGraph, they will store in your Stream Card Account, then can redeem the points for discount money on your next purchase.

2019-09-20 – Denx screens added

– The new screens now included PSD files to create and customize the text on your own. Available in 6 colors.


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