We created MoveGraph to help you visual level up

MoveGraph is more than a dedicated stream graphics and overlay store, is a brand, is a way of thinking about giving your best to your passion, to make it real, and living on it.

MoveGraph itself is proof of that.

A small but passionate team with a large experience in developing branding for TV broadcasters.

Obsessed with delivering high-quality products founder Lio and Andrea one day decide to join forces, knowing that with their experiences they could create graphics with a unique value that would really bring a visual improvement to small and medium streamers.


We want to help you develop your vision and your brand, by yourself, with affordable prices and professional quality at the height of the best.

An impulse that gives you the confidence to grow.

Each item has been developed by us, 100% original designs, keeping the same visual quality, this is something that makes us proud.

We believe on not making big complete theme packages because you do not necessarily want to have exactly same decoration than your neighbor, we understand and joy that you have your very own concept and vision, with that in mind we create designs that are easily matched with the other items at the store.

We are maybe

not the biggest


the best ones

on what we do.


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