How to become successful on YouTube
With the huge amount of old and new channels on YouTube is very easy to get lost on the mountain, to engaging audience and grow you need to be smart and think out of the box. And yes! there is still chance to become a successful Youtuber, there is always a chance for people who care about doing it well.
Having many years of my life working on production teams for huge and amazing TV shows with my experience I can tell you the key points you must have to consider if you want to have one of those huge channels with a lot of subscribers and views. To become successful on YouTube first you have to see on the right way, what it really is YouTube now and what can do for you.
Think about that big tv channel in your country, this is Youtube, now think about one of the many TV shows they present; that’s your channel. Each of these shows are produced by production teams; that is you! and you need to do exactly what they do, is the same formula because both are looking for the same results: audience!
The only difference between that big channel and YouTube is that on YouTube everyone can do it and for the TV channel just a few producer has the opportunity. So just do it 🙂
Now if you take a look, in these television programs, the quality is composed of the sum of different key points. They have to take care of different aspect of the show to really produce something unique that engaging on screen, to make people love it and everyone wants to see it, in few words if you want to have a successful channel you should take care the same things and it doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands of dollars as they do.

The 5 key points to stand out on YouTube

What is your channel about?. It has to like you, you need to know about it and enjoy it. Ideally must be something that is part of your everyday life, in that way will be easier to know what to do for each next video and get ideas.
Brand and image
This is how the channel and videos look and what people perceive about it. People like nice, good presented and well-made things (for sure you too), if the overall image of your videos and channel look crappy they automatically will feel your content is crappy too, and also no ones want to be part of something nasty.
Camera and audio
The fact your cellphone has a camera it doesn’t mean is appropriate for this, same as the previous point if it looks bad is just bad no matter how well is develop your content that is what most people will feel. The people like to see clear and on focus videos. Why other reasons companies produce and sell super expensive cameras.
The host and environment
Pick what you dress, do not leave it to the fate of what you wear that day. try to look presentable for your audience. It doesn’t mean dress for a red carpet but neither with a t-shirt from previous three days. The same for what your audience see around you.
Copy but be creative
Every person learn by copying others, that is what we did from babies. Now copy to The Bests but to learn, see what they do, analyze why they do and how, copy but don’t try to be them. Be creative and always add your own touch and personality. Follow those channel you want to be.
They are not in particular order because of the sum of all them and how better you do each one is what makes you grow easier.
If you start to see YouTube in this way I assure you your channel will stand out and grow up more fast and easy.

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